Worksheets (Topic No. 6)

What is the role that parents must play in educating their children with disabilities?

1.      What is the current practice in your institution – how parents are involved in sexuality talks?
2.      If parents ignore or do not agree with their children sexuality, how do you manage it?
3.      What do you do if parents lose trust in your staff competence supporting their children sexuality?
4.      Are there some regulations (local or national documents, rules, laws) concerning the field of disabled persons sexuality and parents?
5.      Are parents offered any trainings or meetings about sexuality of disabled persons? How does it work?
6.      Do parents communicate with teachers and the staff about their children sexuality? How?
7.      Do teachers and staff communicate with parents about children sexuality? How?
8.      What could be the best, desired practice in co-operation with parents? I.e. what could be done better? What are the minimal expectations for parents?