Topic No 3

Working out a case study:
·        Describe at least 1 case from your own institution in which at least 1 young person with mental disability was involved. - think about the title of our topic. So look back into the history of your institution for a case where a person had problems related to sexuality because of misinformation, because of lack of education, because of dirty stories from relatives, friends, others or because of myths or wild fantasies.
Describe also which other persons were possibly involved in the situation as well as the environmental context (institution, family, school, day center, care home, ...)
·        Of course for the person's privacy, change her or his name.
·        Describe the person's developmental profile, in case more then 1 person with mental disability was involved, repeat the same exercise for each person:
                      Biological sex:
                      Actual physical age:
                      Age like she or he looks like:
                      Cognitive age: 
                      Communicative age – skills of expression:
                      Communicative age – skills of understanding:
                      Social age:
                      Emotional age:
                      Sexual age:

·        What actions did you undertake within your institution to handle the situation? (Describe professionals involved, used methods)
·        Is the situation solved or stable at the moment?
·        Were parents or other relatives involved and cooperative?
·        Was there any other person or organization involved from outside your institution?

·        Did the situation change something in the prevention policy of your institution? If yes, describe.